Jason Struck

Jason Struck has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from VCU, where he is also currently pursuing his Master’s degree in the same field. He holds the respected Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification from the NSCA, as well as an RKC from Pavel Tsatsouline. He has been CrossFit certified since 2008, and CrossFit Gymnastics certified since 2009. When Jason opened Full Circle in 2008, he was not only the first RKC in Richmond, VA, but also one of the first CrossFit trainers in central Virginia. He’s certainly the first in Richmond to offer classes as a CSCS, RKC, and CrossFit trainer!

Jason’s background is in martial arts, where he realized early on that combative sports are just that: sports! Hence, combat athletes should train like athletes, not like their ancient Asian masters supposedly did. With this basic premise in mind, he pursued the accumulation of information on training for sport: most notably professional combat athlete preparation as well as collegiate athletics. To date, Jason has served as an intern or volunteer in multiple college weight rooms in excess of 1000 hours. It’s this insight to collegiate athletics that Jason brings to group and personal training at Full Circle.


Matt Bahen


Matt’s background is almost as varied as CrossFit itself.  His strength training began with his days as a high school football player here in Richmond and then followed that up with some intense military physical training while attending VMI. Upon graduation, he spent time honing his conditioning by volunteering for assignment to the Navy’s elite Explosive Ordnance Disposal units. It was here that he found a passion for endurance sports. His experience ranges from the 5K run or Sprint Triathlon distance all the way up to the Marathon and Ironman distance events. Re-discovering the fact that strength is the key for success in ALL sports, he started with CrossFit Full Circle in December 2008. He quickly found himself in the company of others yearning to train with people who strive to do their best every day and leave nothing on the mat, bar, or platform. With almost 20 years of experience in sports and physical conditioning, he hopes to help others achieve their own standards of success whether that be a first pull-up, a faster 5K time, or a twice bodyweight squat.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

CrossFit Endurance Level 1 Certification

US Navy Command Fitness Leader


James Boatwright


James is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in English. He has been involved in various forms of strength and conditioning since middle school, including bodyweight movements, barbell, and kettlebells. James found CrossFit online in 2008, and after trying a workout was immediately hooked. His passion for kettlebell lifting led him to Jason Struck, whom he has studied under intensively for many years. James currently holds a HKC certification for kettlebells, and has worked with everyone from eighty-year-old men and women directly out of physical therapy, to collegiate athletes and fighters. This experience training such a wide variety of individuals has given James the insight and objectivity to help every client achieve their goals, no matter their fitness level. His passion outside of CrossFit is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which he competes in regularly and medals in almost every tournament he enters. He is currently Richmond’s MMA fitness examiner on, where he shares his insight and knowledge on strength and conditioning for mixed martial arts and grappling.


Kevin Kvasnicka


Kevin is a graduate of Randolph Macon College, where he played football as a student athlete. As an assistant coach at Full Circle he has lead Fundamentals, Level 1, Level 2, and Barbell S&P classes.


Lindsay Culver


Lindsay is a RN, BSN practicing at VCU’s Emergency Department. She began training at Full Circle in 2011, and has since competed in Strongman and CrossFit. Her background in gymnastics and cheerleading has given her an edge in performing and teaching bodyweight movements. While she enjoys teaching all types of athletes, Lindsay has a keen interest in helping women reach their full potential.


Paul Morris


Paul has been training with Full Circle since 2009, starting his CrossFit career at the tender age of only 42. Since joining the family, he’s made consistency his benchmark, and through a host of obstacles that others might call excuses (having a second child, moving houses, coaching little league, having a full time job, etc.) he has maintained his commitment to “show up.” With performances like 45 pull ups in a single set, or deadlifting 415lbs at a bodyweight of 190, he’s proof that ‘showing up’ goes a long way.


Drew Culver


Drew has been training with Full Circle since 2011. He’s passionate about strength and power, having competed in Strongman and CrossFit. He’s helped to coach all classes, with an emphasis on barbell and our Level 1 classes. His commitment to barbell is evident with performances such as 415 x 5 in the back squat and a 315-pound power clean at a bodyweight of 180lbs.


Mike Ricketts


Mike joined Full Circle as an intern from VCU, where he recently completed his BS in Exercise Science. He’s the third member of our staff to hold the prestigious CSCS certification from the NSCA. He’s spent hundreds of hours interning at university weight rooms in Richmond, but that’s only the latest development in Mike’s athletic and coaching career. Mike wrestled throughout high school, and has since returned to his alma mater where he is now the JV wrestling coach. He’s also competed numerous times in BJJ and Muay Thai, both of which he has been training in for several years.


Madeline Parrish

MadPar FST

Madeline is our resident mobility, posture, and movement specialist. She’s run her own Pilates studio for many years, and now consults with us regarding functional movement screening and delivering her “Stretch to Win” treatment of fascial stretching. She can be booked for private sessions several dates per month.