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Training for an 8K with CrossFit Full Circle Endurance

By Catherine Brigham “Slow runners make fast runners look good. You’re welcome.” I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running. Mostly hate. Running to me was always just part of training for other sports. Running for the sake of running was a foreign concept. I had to be doing something else, whether it was dribbling a soccer ball or basketball. When I was young and in shape, my fastest mile time was under 7 minutes. Yowzah! Now, my most recent mile test was around 8:30. Not terrible, but definitely not something I could sustain for multiple miles. Plus, I would always get a side cramp, which discouraged me from pursing anything longer than a mile. Since starting CrossFit over a year ago, most of my running took place as part of the WODs. I would occasionally see the Endurance classes in the morning but never took the plunge to sign up for one. Some other time, perhaps. Then over the summer, Full Circle started advertising their Endurance training program for the Richmond Marathon/Half/8K races. Maybe now was the time, and while 26.2 or 13.1 miles were out of the question, the 8K seemed manageable. I had never run that far in my life, but I went for it. The Endurance training program was set up with group workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a long run on your own time over the weekend. The group workouts consisted of short and long interval trainings to help build speed and stamina. While we trained together, each race had a separate program that varied in the number of intervals or distances for...

Strong, Cool & Collected – Virginia’s Strongest Woman Takes on Nationals

By Crystal Lowery I went to Nationals. And I didn’t cry, puke, or come in last. Yes, those were my actual goals for my first National Strongman contest. Competing is already hard enough, with the intense training leading up to the contest, the day-of nerves that make you want to puke, and the long, exhausting day of actually competing. Now, add in flying halfway across the country (alone, on three different planes, nonetheless), TWO days of competing, and knowing there are THREE badass pros competing in your weight class. This is what I did, and I lived to tell about it. A little background: I started training Strongman two years ago after getting over a pretty bad back injury. Yes, you read that correct; I hurt my back, it healed, and then I started lifting really heavy objects. Yes, many people thought I was crazy, but it was something I really wanted to do. Luckily, I have a great coach who I trust, and I knew that if I showed up and listened, I would get stronger. And I did. I competed in a few shows that year, and I even placed 2nd in my very first show! It was in my last show of that year that I qualified for Nationals. This year I competed in a few more shows and managed to win the title of Virginia’s Strongest Woman. Training for Nationals was tough, and it was heavy. And despite a crazy busy work schedule, I managed to get to most of my training sessions and actually felt really good before leaving for Iowa. (Nationals was held in Iowa,...

Training For and Competing in Partner CrossFit Competitions

By Megan Parker and Jennifer Burns Megan: There was a moment during the Superfit Richmond CrossFit competition when I locked eyes with my partner Bethany and said, “I will never ever do this insanity again,” as I flopped over the bar in an attempt to do a bar-over-burpee. I really felt confident that was true. I hated every minute of that entire day; I couldn’t breathe, I almost vomited – twice, and I couldn’t move for days after! So how did I find myself at a gym in Farmville competing again? I found another awesome partner, and I wanted a do over. Jenn: This summer Megan Parker messaged me, “Soooo what if I found a partner competition and you were my partner?” After a much too wordy response where I felt the need to give her a full history of my thoughts on and abilities in CrossFit, I gave a timid, “I’d love to. But don’t forget I’m old and weak.” She was to be the heavy lifter and I’d take care of any pull ups that were thrown at us. As it turns out there were no pull ups and in the end she handled the pushups in our last work out in such a way that I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to say, “I can’t do pushups.” I bet she can probably do pull ups too. The main reason I was hesitant to agree to compete with her (besides feeling insecure and inadequate… did I mention how strong she is?) is that I haven’t really been doing much CrossFit lately. Right now I’m focusing on building...


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