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Being an Intern at CrossFit Full Circle

By Carson Fralin, CFFC Intern My internship experience so far has been packed full of information and a lot of learning about the culture of this CrossFit gym, which is not like other gyms. This gym has a very friendly and family-oriented community that ranges from 20-year-olds who like CrossFit to middle-aged mothers training for Strongman. I am both observing and participating in the Barbell class in the mornings to get a feeling of what it is like to go through my supervisor’s program. While I do some general intern work here and there, I am mostly helping coaches guide members through the CrossFit workouts and helping to correct technique and demonstrate exercises when the coach is reviewing an exercise with the class. Observing the weightlifting classes, which are referred to as Barbell classes, has given me an insight into how a coach manages and coaches upwards of eight-to-10 weightlifters at a time, some of which are not doing the same weightlifting program as others, which can become confusing since the coach also has to keep the lifters moving at an efficient pace. The majority of the members taking the barbell class are between 30 and 50 years of age which was taken into great consideration when my supervisor wrote his eight-week cycles. Understanding an appropriate amount of volume in balance with intensity with a given population age requires a little more creativity in the overall programming, so as to allow for enough stimulus, but not too much. I’ve developed some SMART goals for my internship – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Develop an effective warm-up specific to weightlifters using relevant mobility and...

Ragnar Trail Richmond – CrossFit Full Circle’s Team WhipSip

By Team WhipSip   A super cool, fun group of endurance athletes from Full Circle participated in an awesome event called Ragnar Trail at Pocohontas Park a few weeks ago. This race (let’s be honest, it’s a running party) involved teams of eight, running relay-style on three different single-track trail loops that start and finish at Ragnar Village (“Tent City”). Teams run day and night until each member has completed all three trail loops. Each participant runs at least 16 miles in 21 hours. Our team had a blast from start to finish. The organizational process in itself was exhilarating. We named ourselves Team WhipSip (for “What Happens in Pocohontas Stays in Pocohontas”), we had T-shirts and flags, and here’s how it went down. Jody: Ragnar has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was stoked to be part of the inaugural year at Pocahontas. As team captain, all the work that went into the event felt like I was getting ready for a big party… checking things off the list, communicating, and getting organized, thanks in no small part to my co-captain Megan. But, when I got there, I was nervous as hell. A riled up basket case. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t relax, couldn’t really have a conversation with anyone. Waiting for my heat was torture; I just wanted to run. As soon as my feet strode out onto the trail all those nerves melted, and I was practically alone in the woods. The silence of the trail was a counterpoint; opposite of the noise and activity of the bustling tent city, filled with 250 teams of...

So here I am, signed up for Strongman.

By Mary Carbonneau A few years ago, I started training with kettlebells. My husband found a deal for a local club, and after we went together, I became hooked. We mainly worked with kettlebells and a lot of body weight and mobility exercises. I remember one night in 2013, we had a deadlift challenge at the club and that was a thrill (I pulled a 200# DL that night.) It was then that I had my first glimpse of this desire to find out what I am capable of. It’s an amazing feeling to feel “strong.” Strength training has taught me to care less about my weight on the scale, and more about the weight I can lift. Recently, my neighbor decided to start training for Strongman events. She suggested that I come to a Saturday class at CrossFit Full Circle to try out some of the implements they lift. I simultaneously thought she was insane and was intrigued, and in my usual style, when a friend comes to me and just suggests that we try some new adventure, I provided my usual response of “OKAY!” (It’s both a blessing and a curse.) I came to the Saturday strongman class at Full Circle last fall and I lifted more than some, and I lifted less than others. And It was fun. I surprised some people, and I surprised myself. It was a good feeling. I got bruises because of the awkward, pinchy items that we lifted, like kegs over a bar. I came back for a second Saturday, and ultimately, the voices in my head (some my own and some belonging to other coaches of...


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