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Computer Geek to CrossFit Geek

By Leonard Harris If you had told me three years ago that I would be going to a gym on a regular basis (for over two years, now), I would have said only if space aliens and pod people were involved.   I’m a computer geek. Ever since I got a TI-99/4A, all I’ve ever wanted was to stare at the glowing screen and make the magic box do cool things. Of course, one’s geek card is revoked if one shows any athletic ability whatsoever. My idea of recreation was a rousing game of chess at 40 moves in 2 hours, followed by a sudden death in  1 hour (okay, okay, I still do love chess). The only time I ever did a pull up was when my high school coach literally pushed me up so he could claim everyone in the class improved over the year. The idea of me lifting anything more than the horribly heavy 10-pound laptop was laughable.   This was all well and good. I made a good living programming and developing websites, and I even became a Class A tournament chess player. Then one day I realized the scale had tipped 300 and I couldn’t fit into my 46-inch waist pants. Being a geek, I did the math and figured I should eat less (there’s no way I’d ever actually exercise). So I changed up my diet slightly and stopped having that pint of ice cream for a midnight snack – instead, I just ate a half pint. Eventually I could again squeeze into the 46’s. A couple of years later, a close friend of mine...

Pregnant in the CrossFit Gym

By Leah Fremouw This last 12 months of my life have been crazy, amazing, stressful, beautiful, empowering, scary, and life-changing. It was about this time last year I found out I was pregnant, and just 3 months ago I gave birth to our son, Hazen. After two years of trying, one miscarriage, and a lot of doctor visits, we were cautiously excited as our journey into parenthood began. At this point, I had a lot of questions and concerns – what can I eat? How will my body be changing? Is this (insert anything) normal? When do we tell people? Etc. The one question I didn’t have though, was, “Can I exercise?” I knew from the beginning that staying active throughout my entire pregnancy was going to be very important to mine and my baby’s physical and mental health. I made a commitment early on to do something active every day during my 40+ weeks. I loved being pregnant and found it relatively easy. Sure, I ended up over 200lbs and couldn’t see my feet, BUT I was lucky enough to stay really mobile and somewhat comfortable the whole time. I believe this had everything to do with my activity level. So, what kind of exercise did I do? Prior to getting pregnant, I had been doing a mix of things for many years. I am a CrossFitter, a kickboxer, and a runner, and I did all of these at some point during my pregnancy. Actually, the only thing I stopped doing completely was the kickboxing, for obvious reasons. I did CrossFit, lifted weights, and even ran up until my...


Hey guys! The upcoming events schedule around here is getting pretty crazy. Allow me to show you what I mean: August 22nd: Flexible Dieting and Freedom workshop begins (9:00 am) September 12th: The Helen PR Challenge test day (10:00 am). September 12th: First day of training camp for the Beer City Brawl (10:00 am). Details coming soon! Stay tuned to the contest events page for more info. October 3rd: The Functional Strength Challenge. You can get more info or register on our website or on the Facebook events page. Use the Facebook events page to invite your family and friends, or to encourage other CrossFitters you know around Richmond to come join in on the action. This contest is open to ALL, and is FREE to ALL. You just have to register in advance. October 10th: We test in for our next PR Challenge (10:00am), which will be for a weightlifting total (C&J + Snatch). November 7th: Beer City Brawl (all day). This will be a Level 1 NAS sanctioned Strongman contest hosted by Full Circle. We’re still hammering out the details, but there should be beer and food trucks there that day, as well as other sponsors with fun/cool stuff. All the info you need to register to volunteer or compete is on the Facebook events page. Again, use FB to invite your friends, family or anyone you think might want to compete in our event. (It’s not free, though!) December 12th: Test out for the WL Challenge. We will host an ‘unsanctioned’ meet at Full Circle, and again, invite others to come out and join us from outside the gym....


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