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Fear is a Damn Liar – CrossFit Full Circle

By Kelly Cutchin When I turned 29, I didn’t really recognize my life. I was newly married, running full steam ahead into my second year in a PhD program, 120 pounds lighter than I had been three years prior, and teaching at a wonderful community college in Northern Virginia. I’m willing to bet that, while reading that list, you reacted—in some form or fashion—to one item in particular and considered it an extraordinary achievement. I trust that you’re all amazing and extraordinary people, as everyone who comes in contact with all things Full Circle truly is, which is why I understand and accept your reasoning for holding up my weight loss as my crowning achievement; what I’m hoping that you’ll allow me to explain (among other things) are all the reasons that I can’t and won’t. That list that I gave you is deceptively short and reeks of a highlight reel, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so, too. My Instagram feed during that time was filled with pictures of me wearing clothes that I never dreamt of trying on, much less fitting into and owning. My Facebook posts were saccharine-sweet puppy dogs and candy canes and all things magical in the world. I was performing “health.” I was performing skinny. I was a good actress. Click To Tweet As one of my favorite humans Glennon Doyle Melton says, “People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help.” What you didn’t see in those pictures of me wearing skinny girl clothes was an empty house; my husband was working and travelling more than ever, so...

Yoga at CrossFit Full Circle

By Michael Steeves, Yoga Instructor   Nothing comes cheap. If we wish for things to happen in our life, we could be waiting a long time; we must go out and make things happen. Training and exercise is an excellent example of this. CrossFit is a practical embodiment of this ideal self-improvement rule. Clearly, we see that if we stick to something, if we decide to pay attention to details and really involve ourselves in what we are doing we will clearly see change as a result of our actions.     The beauty of exercise in particular is that things happen so concretely, evidenced in inches lost, pounds gained, and max’s increasing. The gym is an excellent playground to demonstrate the pursuit of excellence and attention to detail. However, just as the gym is a wonderful demonstration of improvement, our gains are achieved in the outside world. Gains are measured in the gym, and what the metric is telling us, is the reflection of our recovery process. These gains are accrued in our other 22 hours a day. I’m certain we’re all aware of the importance of nutrition, practicing good form (injury is a gain killer), and our stress levels. These things matter, and there’s plenty we can do in our ‘off’ time to optimize these factors. Yoga Moving through a complete range of motion without a heavy load gives the kinetic system a chance to increase circulation without increasing stress. This results in a decrease of toxins held in the musculature, and can soften hypertonic muscles. Light movement is also an excellent way to focus on the...

I Always Seem to Find My Way Back to CrossFit Full Circle

By Justin Kornfeld I have always been interested in athletics and fitness, having participated in varsity football, wrestling, and baseball in high school. While on Active Duty in the U.S. Army, I was able to participate in Greco Roman Wrestling and Combatives intramural programs which kept me in pretty good shape. After leaving Active Duty in 1998, I got a job at Bank of America (it was Nations Bank at the time), got married, and began a very sedentary lifestyle. I quickly became unhealthy and ballooned to over 300 pounds. Little did I know that it was only partially due to my lifestyle… I had developed a prolactin secreting tumor growing on my pituitary gland which caused a number of health problems for me, the least of which was weight gain. After having massive migraine headaches that made it difficult to see, I honestly thought I was going to die. My wife at the time urged me to go to the doctor to get checked out and ended up having a consultation with a Neurosurgeon. He took one look at me, knew what was wrong, and got me scheduled for surgery. After the surgery, I spent a week in the Neurosurgical ICU, a week in the regular ICU, a week in general population, and then three more months at home recovering from the surgery. I am now required to get an MRI every year to ensure that the tumor does not come back. Things didn’t work out with my marriage, and I was still pretty overweight and completely miserable with the way my life was going. Being newly single,...


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