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“Oh, Sh*t!” – Lessons Learned from My First Triathlon

By Coach Megan Edwards The triathlon bug bit me hard last Fall when I watched Rachel and Rebekah compete in the Richmond Rox Half Ironman. A few weeks later, I started swimming under the tutelage of Coach Matt, and soon after that bought my first road bike and began to really navigate the learning curve of triathlon training. Coach Matt’s programming would prepare me for my first sprint tri at the end of April, and included a base of strength training (Olympic weightlifting and squatting)/stamina (WODs)/durability (core work, weighted carries) three times per week, interval and tempo run workouts three times per week, and either two bike rides and one swim, or two swims and one bike ride per week. These six months were SO. MUCH. FUN. I would have lamented, “I should have begun tri training years ago,” except that I knew I was not ready until now. The amount of time, organization, and focus involved lent itself very well to 35-year-old me. I genuinely enjoyed every workout and possessed the maturity to embrace and work through each hiccup as well as the strength base (thanks to 4.5 years of CrossFit and barbell training at Full Circle) to withstand the training volume and recover from the workouts. Of the many things I have learned from Coach Matt, “Stay in the Fun Zone” ranks near the most prominent. I have been known in the past to take myself too seriously, and when I made the decision to CTFD (“Calm The F*** Down,” another Coach Matt-ism) I began to just enjoy myself and the process. It was this mentality that opened...

CrossFit’s Unexpected Impact on my Professional Life

By Pient Tran I’ve had a number of experiences that have shaped my career. The standard stuff, like graduating from college,  missing a deadline, dealing with my first combative stakeholder, and experiencing the Great Recession have all contributed to my success in the professional world. They’ve taught me balance, humility, healthy skepticism, and how to be a great listener and the art of empathy in the business setting. They’ve taught me about mistakes never to make again. However, I would say that one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had, and what I can attribute my most recent success to, is a bit unconventional. Yes, I’m talking about CrossFit. I’ve been part of the Full Circle community since 2013. I work in financial services and was generally a fit guy. I, like many others, saw a Groupon and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn how to pick up something heavy. My fitness routine had no real experience with any type of bell, be it dumb, bar, or kettle, opting to run for miles on end. I ran 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, on the road and trails, but the weight room was not my place. My first experiences at Full Circle were tough but exciting. I came in and excelled in the endurance-related instruction but what I started to really enjoy was the challenge of the strength training. I was hooked on getting better, faster and stronger. After fundamentals, the experience shifted, in a major way. The WODs were grueling, mountain-sized obstacles to me getting back home to my family, or to dinner with my wife, or...

Who is Virginia’s Strongest Athlete?

By Jason Struck On June 25, CrossFit Full Circle will host our second sanctioned Strongman contest. This contest will be sanctioned by United States Strongman (USS), of which Jason Struck is the state chair for Virginia. That means the weight classes are a little different, but other than that, things will look pretty similar! The national chair of USS will be present to confirm any and all record attempts. This will be THE premier USS event in Virginia this year, and we hope to build on our prior success and the success of this show for future events! At our last show, The Beer City Brawl, we had about 50 athletes compete on the day of the show. By all accounts, that went pretty well (see this review). As of today, we already have 45 registered athletes with over 6 weeks left to register. If you know anything at all about Strongman shows, you’ve probably observed that about 25% of the athletes sign up at the last minute, so we are looking forward to maybe 20-30 more before we start to cap divisions. And in order to run the best, most well-organized and smooth-running show, we just might have to. For example, there are some stacked classes already: Middleweight Women: 7 registered  Novice Men: 10 already signed up Middleweight Men: 9 committed and ready Heavyweight Men: 7 (or more) will compete for the title! With as many as 60-70 athletes, we can also reasonably expect to see 100-200 spectators over the course of the day. That means there’s going to be a great crowd cheering on these men and women...


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