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How CrossFit is Beneficial to Firefighters

By Michael Crabtree My whole life, I have been active outdoors and most of my jobs have had some sort of physical component from being a bike courier to landscaping. When I started working as a firefighter, I decided that I needed to actually begin some sort of regular regimen to maintain my strength and fitness level as I got older because the physical demands of the job remain the same even though your age doesn’t. I realized soon after starting the job that not being in shape might affect my ability to do the job well, and I felt a responsibility to my fellow firefighters to be at my best. I started out at Gold’s Gym. Why? For the same reason that everybody does; it’s cheap. I quickly realized you get what you pay for because after belonging to the gym for two years and attending regularly I was no stronger, no more flexible, and had no more endurance. I feel like I spent two years wandering from equipment to equipment and scouring YouTube workouts while I tried to figure out what to do. On top of that, I hated going to the gym. A buddy of mine at the fire department started talking about his CrossFit gym. He was fit, he had endurance, he had a great work ethic, he was in great shape, and he was always excited about his workouts. That all sounded great to me, so I signed up. The first thing we talked about was diet, and they asked me to follow a Paleo schedule. The diet itself has been a huge change for my family and the...

Mental Toughness for CrossFit: A Primer

By Ryan Burns Every time I begin a workout at CrossFit Full Circle, I enter two intense battles. The first battle is physical. Grip the bar. Move the weight. Push, pull, toss, throw, lift, drop, repeat. My body is under attack. There is always pain. Then the second (harder) battle begins. The enemy moves in slowly at first, but before I know it, the siege is under way. The battle is in my mind and the enemy is the relentless voice in my head shouting over and over again, “You’ll never be able to do this. Quit now and end this senseless misery.” If you’ve ever done even one CrossFit workout, I’d wager that you, too, have engaged in battle with this merciless enemy. For me, I encounter him every time the clock beeps. This repetitive battle in my mind has led me on a quest to find the right weapons to engage and defeat my enemy. In my searching, one theme comes back again and again: Mental Toughness. Mental toughness is, to some degree, an abstract concept and you’ll find it defined in a number of ways. For me, the most helpful definition I’ve found was in Lars Draeger’s book, “Navy Seals Training Guide: Mental Toughness.” One of the people Draeger interviewed for the book defined mental toughness as, “Man’s ability to defeat the voice in his mind telling him to quit.” Mental Toughness is a man’s ability to defeat the voice in his mind telling him to quit. Click To Tweet That is it for me. That is exactly what I am searching for. The voice is...

We are “Team Burns” – CrossFit Full Circle

By Jennifer Burns “Look at you. You have a baby… in a bar.” Sometimes when I roll in three-deep to CrossFit Full Circle for a “Saturday is for Suffering” event with my 11, 9, and 4-year-old kids, I hear that movie quote from “Sweet Home Alabama” in my head. There’s no childcare, and there will be hard work with heavy things and some choice words sprinkled throughout the morning. I will also probably be more of a handicap than an asset to my team due to splitting my focus between whatever task we are assigned and making sure my 4-year-old isn’t about to knock over a rowing machine or, more likely, trying to pick up a 40-pound dumbbell. Usually, it’s fine. My big kids trail my team (or are way ahead) participating on a level they can handle while the little guy runs shirtless, in circles around Ryan as he encourages everyone to take it up a notch. Other times, I have to leave the group a man short trying to carry Jane down the street because the little guy (it’s always the little guy) went back to the gym to put bricks in his backpack since he couldn’t help carry the tire. I appreciated his enthusiasm, but the timing was poor. Sometimes I feel bad about that, but as Ryan would say, “They signed up for something called Saturday is for SUFFERING,” and besides, this is CrossFit. You have to be ready for anything, right? For me that means not necessarily going as hard as I want so that my kids don’t run off into the street or...


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