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“But, where do you get your protein?”

By Andrew Saylor Until you tell someone that you are vegan or vegetarian, no one will ever care about your protein intake. The moment you let on that you might be thinking about going vegan, the first question you will inevitably get is, “Where will you get your protein from?” Disclaimer: The point of this article is not meant to persuade anyone one way or another, but rather to share my journey of figuring out what the fuck to eat. Also, I’m not a doctor, so consult one if you want to make changes to your diet. However, don’t be afraid to question them if you don’t agree with some of their suggestions; many doctors prescribe drugs to treat symptoms rather than exploring lifestyle changes that can help to solve the problem. For the first 28 years of my life, I ate an omnivorous diet and it could be safely stated that for 18 of them, I had absolutely no clue about nutrition. I understood the basics that fast food was probably bad for you and that vegetables were good for you, but that’s where it ended. Due to a pretty fast metabolism and a competitive swimming schedule, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted with no consideration to quantity. Once I started college, I assumed the standard American collegiate diet consisting of gross amounts of dining hall grub, copious amounts of alcohol, and an unfortunately gratuitous amount of tobacco and caffeine (I’m talking at least six cups a day, and probably close to a pack of smokes). Unsurprisingly, my body did not respond in a very positive way. I...

Come On, Ride the Full Circle Endurance Train

By Megan Connolly Edwards I am a 4-plus-year member of Full Circle who began coaching endurance classes and personal training clients about a year ago. Fitness, especially endurance, is my passion, and I have come into my own through coaching. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am on a crazy happy train ride. I am incredibly grateful to Coach Matt and Coach Rachel for urging me in and to our amazing athletes who make each program and each session so fun and fulfilling. I want to tell you about what Full Circle Endurance has been up to and all the awesome stuff we have coming up. I WANT YOU ON OUR CRAZY HAPPY TRAIN!!! The Full Circle Endurance program just wrapped up its 10-week Monument 10K training program, in which 19 athletes attended three sessions per week. We focused on pose running form with lots of drills before each session. Each week included one short interval (sprints) workout, one long interval workout (sets of 800’s and above), and one longer weekend tempo run or time trial. We also did mobility after each session and had four yoga classes by the fabulous Michael Steeves. Just like with everything else at our gym, our endurance workouts were meticulously programmed based on percentages of prior maxes. The science behind it, the work ethic of our athletes, and our dedicated coaching yielded some awesome results: Twelve of the 16 athletes who competed (75%) PR’d their 10K times. Of those 12, seven PR’d by over a minute and three PR’d by over seven minutes! Our athletes have had a lot of great things to say about...

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

By Megan Parker Hey y’all! If you’ve seen me in the gym, there is a good chance you have no idea what I am training for. To be honest, if you ask, I’ll give you a pretty long list spanning a lot of things. In the past year, I’ve trained for and completed a CrossFit partner competition, a Strongma’am competition, two 12-hour endurance events, two half marathons, and an Olympic weightlifting competition. You may be wondering why I can’t seem to make a decision on what exactly I want to do, and while training, ADHD might have a little something to do with it. The truth is, I don’t ever want to get comfortable again. I’ve written a post before on finding CrossFit Full Circle at a low point in my life – overweight, in an unhealthy relationship and emotionally stunting job, and having no idea what I wanted. I was very comfortable being comfortable, and that had gotten me in a hole. The first thing I did was sign up and keep showing up to Full Circle for the intro program. I saw a lot of changes physically and emotionally. I lost about 45 pounds and started making significant decisions outside of the gym. I left the unhealthy relationship, I transferred jobs, and I started making gym goals. I met with Matt about specific gym issues that made me uncomfortable, which at the time were the Olympic lifts during a WOD. Being an awesome coach, he pushed me to sign up for a competition. I got really uncomfortable really quickly. I came out stronger both physically and emotionally, and that’s where the crazy...


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