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The Floating Experience

By Coach Jason Struck I’ll be honest. The big thing that got me to try floating was my long-standing relationship with Dr. David Berv, co-owner of the Float Zone, and his generous offer to let me try it for free. You see, he’s been my chiropractor, acupuncturist and business colleague for several years. He treats me and my wife, and we’ve been going to his practice on and off for about 5 years. So, when he asked, though I was a little skeptical, I immediately agreed. While I may have been skeptical, I was also curious and I really wanted to at least try it out. But I also wanted to do my research. When I Googled the benefits of Epsom salt baths or magnesium salt baths, here’s what I mostly got: If you are anything like me, you may have noticed the number of times “essential oils,” “detoxify,” and “lavender” appeared in these “articles.” So, while they were all VERY supportive, they offered basically nothing in the way of concrete evidence that magnesium sulfate has a direct benefit on our bodies. It’s just a bunch of hippie ladies running their mouths. And that’s the thing about Epsom salt baths: they’ve been popular (and in other forms under other names around the world) for centuries, but they basically amount to an “old wives tale” or “home remedy.” This was one of the most concrete supports I found, and all it really concludes is that it has some therapeutic effects on the skin. And that was the only one I did find in my brief search of peer-reviewed journal...

The Journey to Becoming a CrossFitter

By Ryan Burns It all starts one day when you’re doing your usual evening routine. You realize that something needs to change in your life. You invest in one of those trendy home workout programs. But, working out at home mostly doesn’t end well. So, one day you see a Groupon for a CrossFit gym. You sign up and tell a friend. He/She explains that if you do CrossFit your kidneys will explode. You ignore your friend. You show up for your intro class. The coaches tells you that they’re gonna show you how to clean and jerk. After that, they say they’ll work on your snatch. You complete your intro classes and get to start participating in the regular WODs. Then you actually do your first real WOD. While it isn’t always easy, you keep showing up and working hard. Now that you’re working out more, you notice your appetite is increasing. You learn about macros. Your deadlift is getting pretty heavy and you’re feeling good. Then you see someone snatch it. You get your first CrossFit injury. (Probably from trying to snatch your deadlift.) You get better. You get back in the gym. You set new PRs. And then, finally, your big day arrives… Your crush a WOD you get your name on the whiteboard.   Ryan started his journey to being a CrossFitter at CrossFit Full Circle 2 years ago. When not writing here, he blogs at...

Why are CrossFit Fundamentals Important?

By Coach James Boatwright Why are fundamentals important? Because this shit is difficult. And no one joined CrossFit because they heard that it was easy. So, now that we’ve established that, let’s break down WHY it’s so important to have solid fundamentals when you approach your training at CrossFit Full Circle. First, and most importantly, injury prevention (to keep you from f*****g yourself up); second is effectiveness and efficiency of training; third is progression; and finally, sustainability. In this article, when I’m referring to Fundamentals, I am shamelessly self-promoting the program that I teach. Not just because I am an absolute joy to be around, and an endless source of wisdom (just ask my wife), but because I believe the program we have designed is the best way to introduce someone to CrossFit training at Full Circle and give them the tools and knowledge to be successful there. This works for both new students and folks who have been with us for a while but might need a little more focus on the fundamentals than might necessarily be provided in L1 and L2 classes. For those who aren’t in the know, a quick introduction. The Fundamentals Program is something Jason, Matt, and myself put together and have constantly refined to give our students the best on ramp into standard classes possible. It currently consists of 12 classes, three per week, spread out across four weeks, that cover the core movements performed at CrossFit Full Circle. The exercises range in complexity from a standard lunge all the way to the Olympic Snatch, with A LOT of material in between, along with lectures on nutrition, dietary planning,...


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