Level I

Deadlift  4  4  4  4

Over the Rings skill work

compare to 02-23-2012

Level II

Row 1000 m (ME)

Row 500 m @ 85-95% W

2 rounds

compare to 12-30-2011



  1. L2:

    3:21 1000m row. Avg. watts for 500m rows 295, 316

  2. L2:

    1000m: 3:30 @ 302 avg W
    500m: 238/276 avg W

    Kevin is a machine. Great work everybody.

  3. L2:
    1000m ME – 3::37 (PR is 3::33) at 270W
    2x500m – 249W & 252W (target was 230 to 255W)

    All sorts of PRs dropping this morning! I agree with Drew…Kevin is a BEAST on that rower. Daniel BLEW his old PR UP today (12 sec faster).

    Crazy awesome sauce for sure!

    I want to make sure that Paul Morris realizes that Kevin now holds the gym PR for the 1000m row. Just sayin…


  4. L1:

    DL – 205/215/225/235


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