Reviews of CrossFit Full Circle

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I have been a member of Full Circle for over a year and have seen significant improvements in my strength and overall fitness. Because of my training I have set new PRs in triathlon races, and even begun to place in my age group. Additionally, I have dramatically reduced my body fat % and overall fat mass through designated programs the gym offers. The coaches are super knowledgeable and smart about the training programs they put together and I feel extremely safe. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Rachel, Richmond VA

In addition to demonstrating a high level of competence, the coaches at Crossfit Full Circle also actually care about their client’s results.  They push me to add more weight or run a little faster and express more enthusiasm about my PRs than I do.  They have helped me to achieve a greater level of fitness, strength, endurance, and energy; as well as fit into smaller clothes.  I know I would never realize even close to the same results working out on my own.

Andrea, Mechanicsville VA

I have just completed the 3 month fat loss challenge at CFFC and have been a member for 5 months now. I don’t know why I waited so long to join. Probably like a lot of people I was too intimidated. As soon as I stepped in the gym I felt welcome and not so scared anymore. All the coaches and members put me at ease and pushed me to always do my best. I am writing this to hopefully inspire and encourage those new to crossfit and to thank all the coaches at Full Circle. A special note for Matt Bahem; whom I have been receiving personal training from. I enjoy (okay maybe not enjoy when I’m dying from exhaustion) training with you. You are always soooo encouraging and know what I need to do to get results. Even when I was injured you thought of new ways to torture me 🙂 And of course thanks to Jason for helping me with the ‘challenge’. So in 3 months I lost 11% body fat which equals 18lbs of fat loss and 10 lbs of muscle gained…..crazy! I never dreamed that was possible and actually thought I was in pretty good shape before I started. Of course my journey doesn’t end here and I’m thinking world’s fittest woman next year. Just kidding.. but I do know I’ll always be improving myself as long as I train at CFFC!!!

April, Mechanicsville VA

When I joined, all I knew is that I wanted to try “Crossfit.” So, I joined Crossfit Full Circle because it was the closest box to my house and there was an intro package. What I’ve learned in the months that have followed is that I got really lucky. Every Crossfit box is different and if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a box, you could end up at the wrong one for you.Crossfit Full Circle wants to help you get stronger and reach your goals. They have done that for me. The small classes, amazing programing, and coaches who care about helping you do things right is what makes this such a great gym.With their help I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, ranking in Spartan races, and this weekend ran the fastest mile of my life (5:36).

Ryan, Richmond VA

I went through the three weeks of fundamentals and I was hooked. The excellent coaching staff has helped me regain full use of my knee after a bicycling accident and I am now stronger than I was before. They’ve helped me run the fastest mile I’ve ever ran in my life and I am lifting heavier than I was as a Division 1 college athlete. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely care about the wellness of everyone in their program. Crossfit can be intimidating but Full Circle immediately made me feel welcome. The fundamentals classes focused on proper weight lifting technique and the basics of Crossfit made me feel safe and informed. I cannot thank the Full Circle crew enough for everything they’ve done for me. All I can do is try to pay it forward and say that if you’re looking the perfect Crossfit box, a life change, a mix-up to your workout, or maybe you’re trying to get your groove back, then Crossfit Full Circle is the place for you.

Alex, Richmond VA

I originally came to this box to take the free one hour intro class in early October 2013. I accidentally went to another crossfit gym and so was late to my appointment with Coach Jason Struck, but was glad that accident occurred. I saw that the gym I accidentally went to was really packed with large classes and everyone pretty much looked like they knew what they were doing. Which is good, if I knew what I was doing. However, I preferred that the classes were much smaller at Full Circle since I had never really weightlifted in my life (minus leg presses and dumbbells). I get a good amount of one on one attention at FC, mostly due to the small classes, usually between 4-8 people per trainer.

Mona, Richmond VA

Reviews of Coach Jason Struck, BS CSCS RKC

” You only think his expectations exceed your abilities until you realize your potential.”

I was impressed by Jason’s knowledge of exercise mechanics and knowledge of exercise physiology. His application of kettle bell exercises to Jiu Jitsu is a great way to understand the dynamics of both. He gave a great three-hour BJJ/Kettlebell seminar and I was eager to learn more.

Dale Mullen – MechanicsvilleVirginia

Listen up cardio queens: Jason is not the trainer for you. If you want a serious trainer, who employs ingenious methods to bring out the inner athlete in you, then Jason is your man. I never get bored in my sessions with Jason. Just when I think I have mastered an exercise, Jason throws me something completely unexpected. Worth every penny.

Nathalie – RichmondVa

Jason has been teaching me for the last 4 months and it has helped me immensely. I had no experience using kettlebells prior to working with Jason, and he has taken the necessary time to show me the proper technique and form. I would definitely recommend anyone to utilize Jason’s instruction.

John Large – RichmondVA

I find him to be a very informative instructor. He takes his time with each student to ensure their form is correct and that they have the correct KB weight to get a workout. He takes the time to explain each movement. He cares and is friendly to all of his students.

Amanda – RichmondVA USA

He’s a knowledgeable instructor with a highly informative and relaxed teaching style. Very helpful for me as a beginner in that he was able to pinpoint the small details i needed work on to really get the most out of the workouts. Overall a highly recommended instructor and i look forward to working with him again in the near future!

Lenny Greenberg – RVA – USA

Jason provides knowledge above and beyond that of a normal personal trainer. Jason borrows from many disciplines to help guide and instruct his classes. He is also able to effectively work with a class of varying skill levels and modify the activities accordingly. I highly recommend Jason whether you’re an advanced athlete, weekend warrior, or just joining the gym for the first time.

Michael Glatter, NSCA-CPT – RichmondVirginia

Jason is an informed and perceptive instructor. His approach is easy to follow and effective. The results have been quick and steady. I continue to see fat loss, muscle gain, increases in core strength and balance. Jason has been very helpful at developing a better technique and approach to my exercise regimen. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Jason and gain from his knowledge and experience. You only think his expectations exceed your abilities until you realize your potential.

James – RichmondVA

I have had the opportunity to be coached by Jason on several occasions, and found his methods of instruction and demeanor to be of the highest quality. He was able to point out the areas in which I could improve. Under his coaching, I feel my gains in strength have improved tremendously!

Justin – RichmondVA

Jason provided great instruction in a recent kettlebell class. Having never heard of kettlebells before, I was pleased with his ability to break down the overall concept into easily mastered lessons that built upon each other from week to week. He pointed out exactly how the potential benefits of this type of workout (versus a mainstream, traditional approach to working out) were applicable to everyone, regardless of workout history or prior athletic training.

Erin – RichmondVA