Personal Training

If you are interested in accelerating your progress and achieving your training goals, personal training is the answer. Whether you are a Crossfitter looking to improve specific elements of your training, an athlete preparing for competition, or even just a ‘regular Joe’ who needs one on one attention, the coaches at Crossfit Full Circle are some of the most highly qualified personal trainers. See our program and pricing.

1 Session

This is a single personal training session with no commitment. It includes one hour working one-on-one with one of our coaches to pursue your goals.

Price: $75

6 Sessions

This package is perfect for contest preparation or specific short term goals. Want to follow an individualized program for a contest or work on your first muscle up? This is it!

Price: $75 per session

$45 per 1/2 hour session

12 Sessions

This personal training package is perfect for 3 times-a-week for a month or for long-term goals where you want to meet up with your coach regularly over a season.

This is also how most athlete begin their journey through Fundamentals to prepare for group classes.

Price: $75 per session

36 Sessions

Transformation package. Want to work with a coach 3-4 times per week for 8-12 weeks to totally crush your goals? Select this package to lock in a schedule and access for the long term.

Price: $75 per session

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