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2018 CrossFit Open – After Action Review (AAR)

Along with my love of CrossFit, I also participate in GORUCK events. After each event, I do an After Action Report (AAR). This gives me the ability to think through my event, assess my performance, and notate areas where I performed well and areas where I can improve. You can read some of my GORUCK AARs if you’re into that sort of thing.

As the 2018 CrossFit Open comes to a close, I decided to write up an AAR for my Open performance and share it with all of you.

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Overcoming Mental Blocks in CrossFit

I started CrossFit, begrudgingly, when I was forced out of my old ways by an injury. I had run myself right out of shape.

I considered myself to be a mediocre endurance athlete, with a few marathons and triathlons under my belt, and had just finished my first (and only!) 50k trail run.

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Olympic Lifting – From Seattle to CrossFit Full Circle

Two and a half years ago, I walked into CrossFit Bothell outside of Seattle, not sure what to expect. Intimidated is the word that came to mind. I looked around the gym and saw people doing pull-ups and lifting these heavy weights, and I thought, that could never be me. I did not consider myself an athlete at that time, in any shape or form, but I wanted to push myself and try something new. What I found through my first CrossFit gym was

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