Our Workouts

 At Full Circle, our day to day workouts, or ‘programming’, are based on several years of experience, not only in teaching Crossfit (since September 2008) but in working with a variety of clients with a variety of goals.

 In addition to ‘Fundamentals’, we help each athlete determine their individual intensity and complexity level each day in group workouts, representing a progression from simply learning the basics, to getting stronger in the core lifts to eventually mastering the more complex elements of Crossfit training.

 We’re not alone; it’s the logical and self evident approach of great teachers everywhere that in order to fly, you first have to learn to walk! We sincerely believe that in order for our clients to reach their full potential that sufficient time and attention must be dedicated to the basics: pull ups, fronts squats, push presses etc. Once the mechanics of foundational movements have been learned, then consistency can be demonstrated, and with consistency assured, intensity can be pursued, and with it results will follow.