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Open Gym Schedule 2017

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By Head Coach Jason Struck

Why do you pay extra for CrossFit? Don’t get me wrong, James and I are glad you do. But it’s worth re-examining every now and again. What is it about Full Circle that makes it worth 1671% more than Crunch, even though we don’t have a single treadmill?

What’s the value of instruction, coaching, programming, and supporting information? Well, what does it cost to take the average instructor-led fitness class? Yoga around RVA is about $15/class, as is spin and pilates etc. What about coaching? It’s hard to put a price on that. And programming? Maybe $100-200/month? What would you expect to pay for additional supports, like training and nutrition advice, open gym hours, homework ideas, etc?

What I am getting at, is while CrossFit is expensive, you get what you pay for, and at Full Circle you get a lot. But we want you to be able get more out of it, if you really want it and you’re ready for it.

That’s why we’ve added 15 different Open Gym times to the overall schedule each week. These typically come at times adjacent to existing classes, like 7 am, 4 pm, or 7 pm. You can attend any number of these in addition to the regularly scheduled classes, or in lieu of them. You can use these times to make up a WOD or Barbell training day that you cannot otherwise make at the scheduled time.

In addition to offering these times, we’ll be expanding the WOD to include extra stuff, intended to be performed BEFORE or AFTER the workout. This is meant to enhance the benefits of doing the WOD, not to replace it. These training programs will be listed in Wodify under ‘Open Gym’ and will be titled either ‘PRE’ or ‘POST,’ to indicate they are best done either before or after the WOD respectively. While it’s ideal that the PRE be done before and the POST afterwards, it’s not necessary in either case.

So, in light of the expense of CrossFit, driven primarily by the value of coaching and programming, here’s what we expect at Open Gym. We expect you to do the programming that we’ve provided, whether it be PRE, WOD, Barbell or POST. We cannot guarantee the efficacy or safety of anything else. Open Gym times are provided for you to accomplish any of those tasks independently at any of those times offered.

What Open Gym will not be is a one-on-one session between you and the Full Circle coach running the Open Gym session. This is a ‘supervised’ time period, but it is not an instructor-led class. There will likely be multiple students following multiple lines of programming at the same time. If you don’t feel confident completing the programming independently, save for maybe the occasional spot or a little help setting up a clock, you should not be doing it in Open Gym. If the PRE or POST contains movements that you cannot demonstrate consistent mechanics on, you should not be worrying about ‘extra,’ you should be simply focusing on improving the quality of your WODs under the watchful eye of one of our experienced coaches (during one of the instructor-led class times).

It’s easy to misread tone in a written format, so let me be explicitly clear: the key to your safety, health, and progress lies in MECHANICS first, then CONSISTENCY, and finally, once fully prepared, INTENSITY. We’re not saying you don’t need extra workouts to be mean. We’re doing what you pay us for: we’re providing our expert opinions on what is best for your long-term development as an athlete based on years of coaching experience. Don’t get hurt. That’s the first rule of becoming great. You can’t train hard if you’re hurt.

We don’t want you to get hurt.

Now, that being said, the second rule of being great is “do more than the other guys.” And now you can do that. You can come in at 6 am and do Barbell, then come back at 11:30 am and do PRE, do the WOD at 6 pm, and finally POST at 7 pm. And now you’re halfway to being Mat Fraser. It’s that fucking easy.

See you at the gym!