What does REAL weight loss look like?

What does REAL weight loss look like?

“I want to lose some fat.” I know right? Like who wouldn’t want to lose weight? Seriously, we’ve all thought that plenty of times.

And most folks walking in the door to Full Circle for the first time are thinking it loud and clear. Front and center. There are a ton of diets out there. There are a ton of exercise programs. Almost all of them work for some people some of the time. So what’s the right fit for you?

Probably, the most important factor is… will you stick with it? Will you follow the diet and or the exercise program for say 1 year?

If not, it’s probably not the solution you are looking for.

Let me repeat that: If you can’t imagine yourself doing ‘x’ for another 50 weeks, go ahead and quit now. Because it ain’t going to get you there. And any time you waste doing ‘x’ would be better spent finding ‘y’, otherwise known as the lifestyle you’ve been looking for. A diet and training routine that you actually enjoy that you actually want to keep doing long term.

Just to be clear, eating like a grown ass adult won’t actually be ‘fun’, but it won’t really be that bad either. We’re talking about some small, sensible changes. We’re also talking about some new habits that won’t be that hard to sustain. Like do you have a smart phone? Then you can handle this.

Simple enough

And exercise? Well, we can teach you how to squat, and make it fun to work out real hard with some real cool folks. It ain’t rocket science, but there’s definitely a way to do it right and a way to do it wrong. Right = fun, safe and effective. Wrong = snap city. You don’t have time for snap city.

The graphs above are real clients pursuing weight loss with us in 2018 or 2019. I want to point something out. The ones on top are over the course of many months. The ones on bottom are in the first six weeks.

Fitness ads will always show you the six week rate of progress and the six month before and after photo. But they aren’t the same thing. Everyone does best in the beginning. You’re new. You’re excited. Maybe you’re in the worst shape you’ve been in in a long time. Of course the results are going to be huge.

But the real game is in the six months to six years department. That’s where the huge payoffs come in. If you look at those graphs, our clients that continue to follow our systems tend to experience an average rate of weight loss of about .7 to 1.3 pounds per week. And really, it’s closer to .7, isn’t it?

So that’s the deal we’re offering. Learn how to eat healthy so you don’t hate it, and lose .7 pounds per week. Maybe you think you need to lose 40lbs to get in to great shape. Well, you’re not alone. That’s the average of those graphs above too. And it will take approximately 57 weeks to lose that weight.

Don’t worry. We’ll let you eat all the broccoli you can eat.

So commit a year to yourself, and see what you can really accomplish with a great team, focus and consistency. You might amaze yourself.

Or, keep doing what you been doing.

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