2019 CrossFit Open Details & FAQs

2019 CrossFit Open Details & FAQs

The CrossFit Open, a 5-week global CrossFit competition, begins on February 21 and we at CrossFit Full Circle are hype!

For those not familiar with The Open, here is some info to help bring you up to speed.

So, what is The Open again?

Every Thursday, for the next 5 weeks, a new workout will be released to the global CrossFit community (which includes you).

Everyone has until Monday at 5 PM (Pacific) to complete the workout. We at CrossFit Full Circle will be doing the workouts on Saturday mornings, but you can do it at other times. Just talk to one of the coaches about arranging a time to do the WOD.

After you complete the workout, upload your score and bask in the glory of your achievements.

Why should I do The Open?

Because it is fun. There is something about the energy created when it is more than just a regular workout. The class is more exciting, the energy is higher, and the thrill of competition pushes everyone a little harder.

Also, we love things that are measurable! Is your training actually helping you become more fit?

The Open provides an opportunity to find out.

Since this is an annual event, you’ll set your baseline this year. Maybe you finish somewhere around 120,000th place globally (that’s pretty darn good). Well, next year, maybe you want to get under 100,000th.

Sure, the numbers are big, but it is measurable improvement. And we love that at CrossFit Full Circle!

But, I’m new to CrossFit. Should I do The Open?

For sure! Just because you aren’t going to be the world-wide winner doesn’t mean you can’t still compete and have a great time.

If you can do our daily wods, you can do The Open.

But, I can’t even do a pull-up (or whatever). What if I can’t do the workout?

Every workout in The Open has a scaling option that will make the workout accessible to all athletes. Trust me, you’ll be able to do the workouts.

I’m not a competitive person. Should I do The Open?

Not everyone is competitive by nature. That’s cool, we get it.

But, The Open is more than just a “competition.” It is about a community coming together and facing a challenge together. It is suffering together and celebrating achievements. It is about working hard and having fun with the other athelets in our gym.

So, yeah, you should totally do The Open.

I love competition, but I probably won’t win anything. Should I still do The Open?

Yes. While we can’t all “win” it is fun to see where you fall on the leaderboard.

We’ll have a leader board that is JUST for CrossFit Full Circle.

But, there are also custom leaderboards where you can see how you rank among other people in any number of categories. How do you ran against other people in your age/gender? What about our state? What about your profession?

The leaderboard is a fun place to see that there is always room to grow, but to be reminded that you also doing a pretty amazing job with your fitness!

Ok, I’m in. How do I sign up?

Visit games.crossfit.com and click the “register” button.

The cost is $20 and be sure to indicate that you train at CrossFit Full Circle.

I’ve still got more questions. What do I do?

Pop over to FaceBook and ask your Q’s on this post. We’ll answer all of them.

See you in The Open!

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