The People Have Spoken!

First off, thank you to everyone that completed our survey. We received enough responses to be confident it represented a large percentage of the people attending classes regularly.

In our survey, we asked three main questions:

  1. What type of class do you currently attend most frequently?
  2. What is the ideal length of a training session?
  3. Rank your favorite times (ordinal) from most desirable to least.

We took the results of this survey and combined them with what we know has been happening since 5/14/2018, ie the first day of classes in the new gym. This additional information was provided by attendance records within Wodify.

Initially we set out with multiple goals in light of the constraints that the space places on us. First off, the space really only accommodates one class at a time. However, James and Jason have been working concurrently for years to offer multiple classes at the same time. So this was a big change. Given current economic realities, we sought a number of ways to make it work so that we could have barbell and Crossfit classes at the same time, but there was no realistic way to pull it off, especially with the quality of instruction and facilities you’ve been accustomed to.

So, in an effort to keep as much content, variety and choice for students, we chose to shorten the length of classes so that we could have more of them (especially at night), offering 1-2 WOD times, as well as 1-2 Open Gyms and a barbell class many nights a week. However, it appears that wasn’t working great to meet everyone’s needs either.

The reality is that in order for a class to make a profit, there has to be a minimum number of people in it on average. Our 6am and 6pm Crossfit class times have been doing just fine by that metric, but frankly most Open Gym and Barbell sessions have been losing money for a long time (in some cases years). While Barbell is an important product to us (hence our willingness to offer it at a loss for a long time), some tough choices had to be made to decide how to make the business healthy and sustainable. We had to take a serious look at whether or not we can continue to offer a barbell class at all.

With that background in mind, here’s what we learned from our information gathering:

let’s start with the easy stuff. While there are a few folks who like to get in and get out, and a few stragglers, the vast majority of folks seem to agree that 1 hour is optimal, so that’s what we’ll be basing our class times around going forward.

This next ons is a little murkier: What class do you primarily attend? As you can see, 4 people answered ‘Open Gym’ and 5 answered ‘Barbell’. The remainder answered 19. Makes it seem like 32% of classes attended would be Open gym or Barbell, but that’s definitely not the case (more like 15%).

As you can see from the graphs above, 6am and 6:15pm Crossfit classes have between 4 and 8 students on average, where as noneĀ  of the class times for barbell top two people and open gym averages less than one in all but one case.

Between the 4 people saying they were going to Open Gym primarily, coupled with the attendance data, we concluded that Open Gym wasn’t as important as Barbell and especially Crossfit.

The next question we asked was what were the ideal times, and below is two ways of looking at the answer.

This graph ranks the most popular times by a weighted average of how many time people voted for it higher in their rankings. It’s no surprise that 6am and 6pm were at the top of the heap, but we also noticed that 5:45am, 5:00pm and 5:30pm were also up there.

But there’s also another way to look at it. The table below shows those top results, and how many times they are ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

This appears to show us that A LOT of people would like to do class at 5pm (18% of respondents ranked it #1), so we think it’s a no-brainer to reintroduce that exact time. That leaves us with 5 and 6 (46% said it was in their top 3) as our main class times. 6am week day mornings. We overlooked thinking about Saturday, so we’ll have to remain open to your input on that subject.

With all this in mind, we’ve decided to try the following solution for a trial period (July) and see how it works:

6am WOD every morning, and 7am Open Gym on barbell days (MWF).

5pm WOD M/T/W/F

6pm WOD T/R

6pm BBS&P M/W/F

7pm Open Gym M/W

We’ll be watching attendance closely to see if this helps barbell to get to a higher level of attendance, such that we can afford to keep offering it. If not, regrettably we’ll have to condense the schedule to our Crossfit classes, and offer the barbell programming at some Open Gym times for those that wish to continue with that line of training. Of course, we’re also curious to see what Open Gym will look like. That’s why it’s so imperative that you check in to the class time that you train at, even if you are doing other programming during that time.

Once again, thank you very much for answering our polls, and speaking with us in person over the last few weeks to help us to improve our service. It means a lot to us. If you have further feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email to let us know your thoughts.

The best way to do so is at


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