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2017 CrossFit Full Circle Open Results

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By Coach Jason Struck

Before we begin, feel free to consult the leaderboard here as we go through the facts and figures:

Let me begin by saying, sharing the 2017 CrossFit Open with everyone that participated was a thrilling and bonding five weeks. I experienced more of the excitement and focus of competition than I really thought I would. It’s no secret that I have been focusing pretty exclusively on strength, and as a result, I haven’t really run a mile or done a 5-plus minute WOD in ages. Maybe 2-3 WODs when I redid my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer cert like about two years ago? So needless to say, it’s been a rocky start for me to dive back in with a few weeks prep, but I have to say, I HAD A FUCKING BLAST YOU GUYS, LET’S DO IT AGAIN.

Now, let’s talk about US. Each week, especially Saturday, we gathered, and we grinded through all of these workouts. The first WOD was 20 minutes of burpees and dumbbell snatches. Then dumbbell lunges, toes to bar, and muscle ups. Then chest to bar pull ups and squat snatches. Then the repeat: 16.4 became 17.4, with 55 deadlifts, wall balls, calories, and handstand push ups. Finally, 17.5, with 9 thrusters and 35 double unders, 10 rounds for time. And oh yeah, Castro wants you to know there’s a time cap. You have to finish in under 40 minutes.

Each week we watched the announcement show, we listened to James break down the movement standards and the judging requirements, we taped the floor or the wall or whatever, and we ate donuts and laughed and cried. At least our lungs, legs, and hands cried… Rickett’s hands cried. But I digress. A lot of us came back on Monday for more. That was really hard, but I think I can do better. So here we go again. We watched more YouTube videos about double unders, muscle snatches, burpee strategies and who knows what else than we pretty much had all year. And it was THRILLING. Captivating. Most of us couldn’t wait for Thursday night at 8 p.m. whether it was fear, anxiety, or excitement, and it didn’t really matter. You knew you had plenty of people who would understand no matter how you felt.

So, it’s all over now, at least until next year. While some may be satisfied with this sensation, this roller coaster, once every 12 months, some of you may also be ready to start all over again. We’ll get to that part at the end.

Now, let’s just talk about us. Here are some highlights from our leaderboard:

  • 22 athletes completed all 5 workouts
  • 18 completed all 5 workouts RX’d

Our in-house board leader, Michael Ricketts, placed 2,029 (out of 13,250, ie fitter than 84% of all men aged 18-35 years old registered for the CrossFit Open) in the Open Men Mid Atlantic region, and his top finish was 17.3. This was Mike’s first Open.

Second on our leaderboard was Katie Lundberg, who placed 150 in the Women’s Masters (35-39 years old) in the Mid Atlantic. This was Katie’s fifth Open, and by far her best placement ever. She competed 2012-2015 in the NorthWest region, and in the Mid Atlantic in 2016.

Third on our leaderboard was Rick Artus: this was his third Open, where he placed 2,741 in the open men’s Mid Atlantic region.

Fourth was Alex Helland who finished 1,286 (out of 11,350 or in the 88th percentile) in the Mid Atlantic open women’s. This was her third Open, and her best finish was 17.1; yay burpees.

Next on our leaderboard was Jamie Pollard Graham, who placed 27th in the Mid Atlantic Women’s 55-59 year-old master’s category. She finished 18th in the region on 17.3, and 225th WORLD WIDE on that workout.

Next was our owner and coach James Boatwright, who placed 4,949 in the Mid Atlantic Open Men. His best finish was 17.2.

Seventh was Michael Crabtree, who placed 212 in the Mid Atlantic 45-49 master’s category. This was his third Open, and his best finish was 17.2 as well. He is also the 84th fittest Firefighter in his age category in the WORLD.

And for good measure, I finished in 14th, placing 1,081 in the Mid Atlantic master’s category age 35-39. My best placing was 17.3 (yay snatches), and by far my worst was 17.5.

Let me offer this analysis in the hopes that rather than sounding self absorbed, it will serve as a model or template for your own self reflection. WOD 17.5 was comically bad for me, as I filled the entire 40-minute time cap with about eight actual rounds (and some change). I had never really done a significant number of double unders before doing about 300 that Saturday. I consider that a victory and a lesson about competition and what the Open can do for you. I treated the Open like any contest, with rules and the objective of winning, and 17.5 was no different. I had 40 minutes to get as many reps and points as I possibly could, and I went as fast as I could in the final 10 minutes, just as I had in the first, because it was what I had to do to maximize my score.  Big picture, I finished about middle of the road. As CrossFitters aged 35-39 go, that’s about where I am at today. The middle overall; 16,671 place in the world out of 40,400 men aged 35-39. That’s about the 58th percentile overall. I placed 79th percentile in the squat snatch and chest to bar pull up WOD, and an average of 49th percentile on the two WODs that included burpees and double unders, which kind of told me what I already knew. I am pretty good at the Olympic lifts and strength stuff, but lack the engine to demonstrate that past the five-minute mark. If I had 90 days to plan for this contest, and a do-over, it’d be easier. Learn to do double unders and bar muscle ups, and do lots of 10-15 minute workouts, or maybe even longer. Just bringing up my cardio would be a huge first step.

All of that being said, what about you? What do you need to do differently to do better next year? Is that too long to wait? Well, we will be starting a team training session for competitions on May 20, and Coach Mike will be leading the group. Sessions will consist of more sport-specific work geared towards the Richmond Team Superfit event coming in August. Team training will not be open to anybody. You must complete at least 3 or more WODs during the week (Monday-Friday) at Rx or Rx+ to qualify for the team. You can’t play if you don’t practice.

As a closing, I just want to say congratulations to all of our athletes for their perseverance and placements, and know that I’m proud to be your coach. I know you all are going to kick even more ass moving forward. We sincerely hope to see some of you there, and ALL OF YOU at the 2018 Open.