Goodbye to Coach Matt

Goodbye to Coach Matt

By Coach Jason Struck 

It is with a considerable breadth of emotion that CrossFit Full Circle, and James and I specifically, say goodbye to Matt Bahen.

Only a few weeks ago, Matt approached us with the firm commitment that he was ready to move on in the next phase of his life, and that didn’t include being an owner of Full Circle Fitness.

We recognize that this message comes quite late, as it corresponds to the last day that he will coach a class with us, and for that we deeply apologize. No party wanted to make any statements until it was clearly decided how his departure would be handled. And that agreement was not finalized until yesterday.

So, after 6 years as an owner, 8 years as a member, and countless hundreds of WODs, Matt moves on. He’s looking forward to spending more time with his family, and the freedom that not being a small business owner often provides.

He will be competing on January 29th with Mike C. as part of a Master’s team at the SuperFit Championships here in Richmond, and training with us on Saturdays up until then to continue getting ready. We hope you’ll consider going to the event to support him and cheer on our whole crew (currently 8 people, and possibly more soon).

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  1. Love you Matt! Great photo selection btw :). If you ever wanna do some sprints, lift some weights, or grab a beer, hit me up!


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