Mobility Must-Haves: A Full Circle Holiday Gift Guide

Mobility Must-Haves: A Full Circle Holiday Gift Guide

Below are recommendations from some of the coaches at Full Circle on their mobility must-haves. With holidays right around the corner, we thought we’d share what the CrossFitter in your life (probably) can’t live without!

Matt Bahen

matt-romwodYou’re on the road. You’ve been flying or driving FOR HOURS! You’re all bound up, and you KNOW you need to work out some of the kinks (because your coaches HOUND you about this ALL. THE. TIME!)

But, you only have like a half hour until you need to meet with Granny and Grampy for gifts.

What should you do? What was that “yoga” thing Coach Matt was talking about and doing in the corner that one day? It sure looked like he was taking a nap but in a really weird position. What was it again?

ROMWOD! That’s right…Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day!

Hands down one of the best things you can add to your “at home/on the road” arsenal to keep you Swole and Flexy or a Supple Leopard… whatever floats your boat… but basically healthy, recovered, and ready to crush tomorrow.

Check it out at

James BoatwrightJames Boatwright

When it comes to mobility, I’m a big fan of using what you already have in your house to get the job done. (That way you can’t blame not having equipment for not putting in the effort.) So, I love using a couch for things like the couch stretch or external rotation. You can use a doorway for everything from pec stretches to external rotations with the shoulders, etc. The one caveat would be a foam roller. I don’t have a specific brand, but the firmer the better!

megan-battlestarMegan Edwards

The BattleStar may look like a brightly-colored torture device, but it has helped my calf and hamstring recovery immensely. I rely heavily on this piece of mobility equipment to help get the crud out after running workouts. To me, it is a bit dense for quads and glutes, but you should try it on anything in need of a good smashing. I’ve found that I can mimic a deep tissue massage if I roll each leg for at least 3x 1:00.

Mike RickettsMike Ricketts

My favorite mobility tool is the lacrosse ball. It’s easy to to transport, fits in most pockets, doubles as a bouncy ball, and also is a great way to grind the tissues of my body. I like it because I can use it on just about any part of my body, and it gives me instant feedback. It has similar benefits of the foam roller but can apply more acute pressure like a hand, and it’s much easier than tiring out your hands to get in those tough spots!

Looking for a gift to give to that CrossFitter in your life? Check out this mobility gift guide and then give us a call today to learn about membership options!

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