The 2016 CrossFit Open at Full Circle

The 2016 CrossFit Open at Full Circle

By Coach Matt Bahen

"Crossfit is Hard"

So, the first Open WOD of 2016 has been done. Who’s still sore? Yep… I am. But there are still FOUR more WODs to go! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

Don’t fret boys and girls – here are some tips and answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs for all you techies out there) that we hope will help you thrive during these next four weeks!


Q: The Open? Is that like the CrossFit Games I’ve seen on ESPN?

A: Kinda. The Open is the first in a three-step process of crowning the fittest man and woman ON EARTH by CrossFit HQ. Thusly the Open is just that… a competition open to the entire world to compete for that title. So yes, you are competing against Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir, just like the rest of us are.

Q: Do you guys (the Coaches) REEEEEALLY not know what the WODs are going to be each week?

A: Yep. I mean really, does ANYBODY know what goes on inside the brain of Dave Castro? But seriously, we do not, as some of the coaches are also competitors and thus we don’t deserve a “head start” over any of the rest of the athletes.

Q: I’ve only been doing CrossFit for a few months. Should I be doing the Open WODs?

A: Yes… under the close supervision of one of our coaches, that is. The WODs (just like any of our WODs) can be scaled to your current level of fitness.

Q: But why should I do the Open if I’m not gonna make it to the Games?

A: Because who doesn’t like competition? You are a CrossFitter, right? Do it to compete against yourself. Or against your gym buddy. Or to see how you “stack up” against the world.

Q: Ok, I’m IN! Now what?

A: Show up and do the WOD! We are officially doing the WODs during the 8:30am class on Saturdays (and probably “unofficially” during the 9:30am open gym session on Saturday as well). COME EARLY, claim your heat position (if need be), warm up, and CRUSH IT! Then afterwards, you can cheer on all those who cheered YOU on during your WOD, and maybe help judge a fellow competitor or two.

Q: Judge? Say again?

A: That’s right. In the sense that this is an official competition, EACH AND EVERY competitor must have a judge to ensure they are doing the WOD movements to the standards as described by the coaches and set forth by CrossFit HQ each week. Want to take the official judge’s course (not required to judge Open competitors, but definitely beneficial)? Check it out here.  

Q: Ok, that was hard, BUT FUN… so how do I know where I rank in the gym/region/world after I’m done?

A: Well if you’re officially registered as a competitor via Games.CrossFit.Com, AND selected CrossFit Full Circle as your affliate, AND you’ve submitted your score, AND it’s been validated by the affiliate manager (aka ME!), then you can check out this sweet leaderboard.

NOTE: You can also download the Games App from the iTunes store if you’re an iPhone user.

Even if you’re NOT officially registered, you can filter all the validated scores according to your division, region, etc., any way you want at the Games’ website, too. Have fun seeing just how AWESOME you are!

Q: What if I can’t make it on Saturday?

A: There are SEVEN open gym classes on the schedule on Friday, Sunday, and Monday where you can do the WOD before the submission deadline of Monday night at 8pm EST. If you ARE going to do the WOD during an Open Gym session, we do ask that you (A) let that coach know AHEAD of time, and (B) try to get somebody to join you as a judge. The coach may be available to judge you, but they may also have other athletes to supervise, too.

We’ve always espoused the fact that while exercising is fun, what is even MORE FUN is exercising with a purpose. We call that “training” here. Competition like the CrossFit Open is just one purpose that we’d love to see ALL our awesome members training for. While it will be hard (and fun), we know it will make you feel more like part of the worldwide community of CrossFitters, take you outside of your comfort zone (i.e. “Where the magic happens!”), and maybe show you that the limits you once placed on yourself are just ready to be shattered.

Keep crushing it!

Come join us for The Open WODs at CrossFit Full Circle on Saturday mornings!

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