I respect the crap out of Jon Gilson.

His essay brings me to a timely thought; our new T Shirts are in.

Let me explain…

I had a great conversation with Jess as she was leaving the gym a few days ago, and she was telling me that she’d been reading The New Rules of Lifting

by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler. “That’s a pretty great book” I said, and went on to explain how much Alwyn Cosgrove influenced me when I first started training clients 6 years ago.

She observed the striking similarity between the movements and many of the programming ideas contained within the book and what we do at Crossfit Full Circle. “Funny huh?” I said, and she didn’t follow my meaning. I elaborated on how Alwyn was part of a group of professionals, like Mike Boyle and Gray Cook and Mark Verstegen and others associated with Perform Better or the NSCA that have made much of a to-do over the supposed risk inherent in ‘doing crossfit’ and the ineffectiveness of our programming. They were the educated men behind “Kipping pull ups are crap” and “Those are the worst Clean and Jerks I’ve ever seen”. Her naivete was both adorable and a reminder of how most people don’t care one iota about any of that crap. They want fitness. Real fitness. And they want it now.

These ‘real experts’ took what should be internet punditry to a professional assocation level in what has grown to be something of a ‘War’ on Crossfit. The strategic goal appears to be to remove Crossfit from the fitness landscape, and the main tactic so far has been to discredit (either regarding safety, education or professionalism) Crossfit gyms and trainers and even Crossfit trainees.

I don’t want to go tit for tat on that, but if you are curious about how terrible and dangerous your own technique is, look up some videos on Youtube of ‘real athletes’ doing ‘proper cleans’. They are hard to find for two reasons:

-most kids never get good instruction on the lifts and hence have technique just as bad as yours or worse

– most coaches refuse to share what they are doing with their clients with the public

Everyone at Crossfit Full Circle is making progress, but even our best are far from perfect. So far. But you guys are only getting better! However this does not dissuade me from sharing that with whomever may care to look. It’s called peer review, and it’s at the heart of empiricism and science. I make videos of myself not out of vanity but to share with other coaches I trust and respect all over the world. To get feedback, to keep improving. And I get a good laugh out of the anonymous jerks that give me ridiculous criticism as well.

So, it turns out that WE are the 800lb Gorilla. We are what every other fitness professional or advocate or expert must contend with, answer to or somehow best. They are worried about us. Why? Because it works. Because people are getting fitter. Faster. Having more fun doing it and paying a lot less for it. The information is out there. Open source. Free as in speech, not as in beer. Crossfit fundamentally threatens the expert status and livelihood of those that would withhold fitness from you such that they can retain some sort of ownership over it. That’s what it comes down to. If they can’t decry your technique anymore, they no longer remain ‘expert’. Then they’d have to go and train clients for living.

The T Shirt

The T Shirt


Tell everyone you are the 800lb Gorilla in the room.

(Free if you didn’t get your T Shirt from us yet(members only of course))

$20 for everyone else!


(proceeds go directly to the ‘Get Full Circle in a Big Fancy Box NOW!’ foundation)

PS: If you’re from out of town, sorry we don’t have a convenient check out thing set up, but I can get you T Shirt no problem! Just mail me.


  1. F’n Sweet.

    Can I reserve a small?

  2. I want 2 in XL!

    And yes, I will probably take the sleeves off of one of them…

    They are sweet! See you tomorrow @ 9am coach!

  3. James- You sure that you don’t want a kids size?


  4. James, the M is probably a good fit for you.

    Juice- we have it in Army Green (as shown) as well as Tan color. Both are printed identical otherwise.

    And you can definitely get two, and you better cut the sleeves off one of them!

    Like a mAn!

  5. rereading this made me think of something…

    if any of you are ever nervous or uncomfortable about having something you do at the gym be ‘on display’ either in video or photo form, you can always let me know.

    However, I encourage you to try and ‘brave the storm’ and if you need a piece of context, look at my blog. I never erase comments, no matter how stupid, childish, irrelevant, ignorant, insulting or poorly spelled. And there are A LOT of negative comments on my lifts etc. None of them are from people that leave their real names or have any sort of credentials. They are simply negative d-bags, pardon my french (sorry frenchies, I am sure you don’t all talk like that!). The internet is bursting at the seams with ‘experts’ that are really passionate about tearing you a new one.

    Meanwhile, they’re in front of the screen and you’re under the bar.

  6. This was an awesome read Jason! I’ve heard most of the podcasts/audio of the ones you mentioned and I never thought about it from the 800lb Gorilla point of view. And as usual, you’re spot on!

    Gonna get two Ts! Size Ms if they fit like the previous CFFC ones. One of each color if possible…and I’ll leave the arms on both because unlike Jus I’ve got to BUY tickets to the gun show! 😀

    Just doing my part for my new favorite charity, the “Get Full Circle in a Big Fancy Box NOW!” foundation.

  7. You might want a Large; these run a ‘teensy’ smaller than the other ones.

    Thanks for your support guys!

    PS: These are great to wear to the gun show.

  8. The gun show!? But I don’t have tickets!

  9. Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

  10. I need a medium, Jason – email me and let me know where to send the money.

  11. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.


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