Summer Strongman Training Camp

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Strongman is fun. It’s for everybody: all sizes, all genders, all experience levels. The only thing you need is a desire to test your strength with others.

That being said, it can be a little hard to get in to. The exercises and ‘implements’ can look really heavy, and confusing. The terminology is different and there isn’t always a place to train, or an event to register for for whatever reason. But thanks to Crossfit, a lot of that is changing. There are more novices and more women competing in the sport of Strongman than ever before!

Here’s some facts you should know:

  • most contests have a ‘novice’ division, where the weights are lighter and sometimes the implements are different so as to make it more approachable
  • there are weight classes in the sport, from 150/175/200/231/265/SHW for men to 120/140/160/180/SHW for women
  • there are several gyms in our region that put on contests once or twice a year. If you’re willing to drive 90 minutes, you could literally compete 10 times a year if you wanted to


We (Head Coach Jason Struck, and Strongman athlete Gabby Hoffman) are offering to introduce you to the implements that will be used at the NoVA Strength and Conditioning 2014 Summer Strongman Showdown on August 23rd. Our 5 week training camp will meet up each Saturday at 8:30am for a 75 minute class that will cover instruction on best techniques for each of the 5 events in the contest. Each week we will review and add more material, and the final week we will reproduce as much of the contest as we can so that athletes can get a sense of what to expect for the contest day. The cost to attend is $100. It’s fine if you miss one or more of the dates, but we will not be offering each class individually, you must sign up for all of them. If you’re not satisfied with what you are learning at the end of the first day you can ask for your money back.

While it’s our intent to help you prepare for a specific contest, you need not register to compete in order to attend if that’s your wish. Competition is great, but it’s not a requirement to attend this workshop series, only a sincere desire to learn and get stronger is.

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