Flexible Dieting and Freedom

Do you want to gain muscle, lose fat, perform better and feel better?

Your answer is probably an enthusiastic “YES!”


Those are goals that a lot of people share. So think about all of the times that you’ve tried to achieve those goals and what the process was like. Was it difficult? Was success temporary? Did you feel miserable the whole time you were doing it?

What if we told you that there was a different way, a better way, to reach your goals? A way that didn’t require complicated lists of “good” and “bad” foods, extremes, or white knuckle willpower.

Well, there is. And we want to share it with you in this workshop.

We’ve put on a few Macros based dieting workshops in the past where we’ve taught you the math, we’ve crunched the numbers, and we’ve weighed you in each week. We’ve had lots of success stories from those workshops thanks to everyone’s hard work and we want to continue to help everyone reach their goals. But the numbers alone doesn’t work for everybody. This workshop is not just about number crunching, although we will definitely teach you how to do that. It’s about implementing real, lasting change by examining what society says is “right” regarding diet, our own expectations and goals, and basically weeding through all of the bullshit that is present in the diet and fitness industries.

Perhaps you’re thinking “I don’t need another workshop because I can figure out my calories and macros just fine” or  “I  already know what to do.”  But if you find yourself saying “I train hard, I eat right, and I already do all the right things so why don’t I look like Stacie Tovar?” then this is the workshop for you.

I would not be mad

We’ll spend an hour each Saturday going over practical nutrition information or information pertaining to societal expectations, goal setting, and implementation as well as doing some in-session activities. You’ll have a small homework assignment each week (they’re totally fun and awesome, I promise!) to help you practice some of the new skills and concepts in addition to being weighed in and measured. This is going to be a highly interactive experience where you get to share your ideas, input, concerns, and questions. We’re giving you all the tools for success, showing you how to use them, and sharing our best tips for continued progress for about $15 a week.


So, what do you have to lose? (Except maybe those last few pounds).


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What: Flexible Dieting & Freedom Workshop

When: 10 saturday meeting sessions from August 22nd – Nov. 14 (there will be a few Saturdays with no meeting) from 9-10am

Where:  Crossfit Full Circle. P.S. You DO NOT need to be a member to sign up!

Who: Co-instructed by Jason Struck, Stephanie Lau and Gabby Brost

Cost:  $150