Winter is for Weightlifting PR Challenge

It’s TIME!

Winter is for weightlifting!

Have you been wanting to clean and jerk more? Finally master that #$*&$ snatch?

Now’s your chance.

Our Weightlifting PR Challenge starts 10/10/2015. You’ll have a few opportunities this weekend to test in (set a new max on the C&J and the Snatch).

The structure for this challenge is basically the same as all our prior challenges. Here’s the gist:
1. Sign up online or ask your instructor to enroll you ($35)
2. Test in
Andrew Fabulous Snatch
3. Train real hard and do your homework (details below)
4. Re-test at the end of the period (10/10 through 12/12) (at the Full Circle Open)
Erin Snatch
5. Get better, win prizes, have fun.
CrossFit Full Circle


So, here’s the deal with the homework. As always, there will be a prize for the athletes that do the most homework. You can do the following to accrue “homework”:

-Attend any WOD that has weightlifting in it (clean, jerk or snatch or their power variations)

-Attend any Barbell class that has weigtlifting in it (hint, that’s every single one of them ever)

-Attend Saturday WL PR Challenge HW class (will be most Saturdays at 8:00am)

-Do the mobility homework from our Nancy challenge

It’s that easy people!

9-5 CrossFit WOD

So sign up, do your homework and become a better lifter! We’ll be giving away prizes ($$$) for best lifter, most improved and hardest working. There’ll probably be a big party after too. So come on. What are you waiting for?