LLH 2015 Ice Queen Training Camp


Ladies Lift Here 2015 Ice Queen Training Camp

Full Circle will be offering the second in it’s ongoing training camp series to offer instruction and preparation for the implements and events seen in the Ice Queen.

The camp will be held every Saturday at 10:00am from November 22nd until December 27th (that’s 6 weeks, and yes that’s all through Thanksgiving and Christmas OMG).

The contest includes the following events:

Circus Dumbbell Clean and Press

Farmer’s Walk

Yoke Carry

Shed Lift

Stone Series

The cost to attend is $150 for members, and $200 for non-members


What if I don’t want to compete? You certainly don’t have to, but we can’t think of a better first contest for a Strongwoman than this. If you simply want to attend the camp and learn the events, that’s totally fine, but please keep in mind that we will focus all of our instruction on the ‘preparing to compete’ side of things.

What if I can’t attend one of the days? Then you miss that day. We will cover all the implements on more than one day, so you won’t be too left out of too much, but obviously, coming to all the classes is better than none.

Can I just pay you for the days I can attend? Of course! But it will still be $150/$200.

What if I have never done Strongman before? This training camp is for you!

What if I have never really lifted before? Maybe signing up for a strongman contest isn’t the best place to start… If you don’t have any experience with squats, deadlifts or power cleans, you might be getting yourself in over your head a little bit. If that’s the case, you probably want to check out our Fundamentals program, and maybe our Barbell Strength and Power Class. We’ll fix you right up.

Ladies Lift Here is starting a unique women’s only Strong(wo)man series this year. Each season will have a contest (Ice Queen is the Winter event). All four shows combined are intended to be a complete test of strength.

For less experienced Strongwomen, this series, especially this contest held in Northern Virginia, represents a unique opportunity for the novice competitor. One of the downsides of being in a less populated or non-pro weight class, is that there are less competitors at shows. The truth is, Strongman, while changing quickly, is still a ‘Man’s World’. If you’re a female competitor or in a less common weight class (such as the lighter ones) you are less likely to have a full division. What this may mean is that you have less fun (there are less people to compete against), you get bumped up to a heavier weight class (you have less fun lifting weights that are too heavy for someone your size) or you can’t qualify for Nationals because not enough girls in your class showed up. (If it makes you feel any better, this is very true for the guys in non-pro classes such as 150, 175, 200 and 265)

At Full Circle we believe that the Ice Queen will be different for two important reasons: It’s a women’s only show and it’s in Northern Virginia.

Ladies Lift Here is an organization devoted to promoting strength sports for women, and they are promoting this show along with Barry Von Perkins, an experienced competitor and promoter of Strongman.

There are a lot of different ways that women become interested in Strongman, but increasingly, the most common way is via Crossfit. There are more Crossfits than Starbucks in NoVA (and that’s saying a lot). In light of these factors, we believe that the Ice Queen will succeed in doing something very unique: Not only offering a light, middle and heavyweight novice and open classes, but actually FILLING THEM. Never before could we have said that a novice strongwoman weighing between 141-180 could be assured of competing against other novices within that class. Typically there are only enough novices to afford one, maybe two classes, and those classes are typically split along an arbitrary line (the median of entries, +/- 140, 150 or any other number at the promoters discretion). That’s all well and good if you are under 140 or over 200+, but we’ve found that MOST novices fall somewhere between those two. This is why we think this will be the best possible experience for a first time competitor at this event.