2015 New Year New Deadlift PR Challenge

The Deadlift

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Jason PR'ing big time last year

Jason PR’ing big time last year

The single best test of total body strength. The most functional move you can do in the gym. It’s so simple: bend down, grab a hold of something, and pick it up.

Done correctly, the deadlift will:

enhance your core strength

improve your grip, strength and endurance

increase your hamstring mobility

train hip extension at high force, low velocity

build powerful hamstrings, glutes, calves, lumbar erectors, lats, traps, rhomboids and forearms, to name a few

Very few things we do in the gym provide the same basic, primal satisfaction as picking up a bar bending weight and locking it out.

Here’s the Challenge: Train the deadlift for eight weeks, to see who can lift the most!

As always, there will be prizes, based on the following:

who can lift the most

who lifts more, pound for pound

who is most improved

who works the hardest

As always, these prizes can be cumulative, so if you train extra hard, improve the most and get the new best prize too, you get all three prizes! The size of the prize will be based on the number of entries. As always, we will give at least 50% of the registration money away as prizes, and we will have a big contest day/party at the end of the challenge.

The Challenge is open to all students who are currently enrolled in any group class package and who have completed Fundamentals 4 before the start date. Cost is $35.

The Challenge begins January 17th (next Saturday) and ends March 14th (also a Saturday). March 14th we will retest your 1 rep max in a ‘in-house tournament’. There will be prizes and celebration afterwards. Friends and family will be welcomed to watch both the contest as well as enjoy the celebration that ensues. 

Here’s the rules:

You must pay before you test in. The day that you test in you must be officially weighed in as well.

For hardest working prize, you will be given a score sheet: each day that you attend a regularly scheduled class that includes deadlifts as part of the class, you will get a point for that workout. You may also perform additional deadlift workouts, described below.

You must weigh in and retest on March 14th. Any substitutions will be at the discretion of Head Coaches Matt and Jason, and will be unlikely.

Best DL absolute will be based solely on the most weight lifted (There will be two categories, one for men and one for women)

Best DL pound for pound will be based on dividing the weight lifted by the bodyweight (also two categories)

Most improved will be based on pound for pound improvement, so there are several ways to improve, including maintaining or raising your DL while concurrently maintaing or lowering your bodyweight

Hardest working will be given to those who log the most DL workouts in between 1/18 and 3/13/2015.

The Homework:

Those wishing to do additional deadlifting to increase the rate of improvement will be instructed in how to do the following: POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

It’s a flexible program that should suit or other demands nicely. You can perform these sessions in about 10 minutes, not including warm up time. Full Circle will open about 30 minutes before the first class of the day (exception MWF am) and close about 30 minutes after the last class to allow you to squeeze in as many of these sessions as possible.

Here’s to some big PR’s in 2015!