Level I

Front Squat  3  3  3  3  3

Hip Bridge (70% 1RM) 30 reps

compare to 01-17-2012


Level II

Snatch (90-95%)  5 x 1

OHS (95%)  5 x 1

compare to 1-2-2012




  1. ugly snatch of me above…. thanks Jess….

    but today was a good day…


    S: 5×145# no below parallel… but low power snatch…

    OHS:115/145/150/155 tie PR/160 PR

    Today it all felt “right”… shoulder is feeling more stable!

    Great job morning crew!!

  2. L2:
    Sn: got 88# once and failed it twice
    OHS: up to 123#, I can DO 128# if I could JERK it
    damn me anyway

    Fun morning with the new guys M and M, the tough guys D and B, and the old guy, P

  3. L2:

    S: 175(f)/145/155/165/175. Womp womp.
    OHS: 145/165/185/185/185.

    Good job today crew.


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