Level I

Clean & Jerk  1  1  1  1  1

compare to 11-26-2011


Level II

“Tactical Strength Challenge”

Deadlift  1  1  1

Dead Hang Pull Up for max reps

KB Snatch (24/16kg) AMRAP 10

Lowest combined ordinal ranking wins!

compare to 10-1-2011




  1. L1:
    C&J: 115/125/135(f)/135(f)/135

  2. L2: TSC!

    DL: 203
    Deadhang PU’s: 10
    DB Snatch: 113

    Awesome work from Drew, Matt, Gene, and Kyle!

  3. Yet another great Saturday at Full Circle! Love days like this.

    L2: TSC Baby!
    DL – 315/350/385 (PR match) – 2nd place behind Drew
    PUs – 16 – 2nd place behind Drew (seeing a pattern here…)
    KB Snatch – 143 (PR is 170) – 1st place (WooHoo!)
    Total – 5 points (lowest amount wins)

    Not sure where I fared compared to Drew overall but he killed me with his 500# DL. I do know that Kyle is an up & rising BEAST! Gene & Lindsay were being very methodical about the butts they were kicking this morning as well.

    Overall: Phenomenal work by the L2 gang.

  4. L2: TSC

    DL: 500(pr)
    PU: 18
    KBS: 130
    Total: ???

    *Per http://www.tacticalstrengthchallenge.com my score would be 89.54. Changed to 200 as standard to compute KB snatch total.

    Nice work crew, awesome Saturday morning.

  5. l1:

  6. Hmm according to the website DC listed, and the standards for women..

    My score= 92.77%
    (changed 200 to standard for KB snatch)

    ps. this is way more fun than studying 🙂

  7. Great website find Drew. Although, it does make me feel more sucky…79.6% would be my scored (adjusted the same).

    I would say that based on lowest combined ordinal ranking Drew wins.

    He got 1st in the DL (1 pt).
    He got 1st in the Pull Ups (1 pt).
    He got 2nd in the Snatch (2 pt)
    Total = 4 pts

    Let’s play a game I like to call…Drew wins. 😀

    It is more fun then studying Lindz…but someday my life may depend on your studying…so…

  8. Great workout all around everyone.
    DL 315 = pr
    PU 6 = pr (sad but true)
    KBS 130ish @ 24kilo



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