Level I

Power Snatch 3 2 1 1 1

Front Squat (75%) 5 5 5

Level II

Tall Snatch 1 1 1

High Hang Snatch 1 1 1

Secret Service Snatch Test

Pace Practice (65-90% Best Reps)



  1. L2:

    TS: 105/125 fugly/125 pretty but was a low power snatch
    HHS: 135 fugly caught out front/135 pretty/145

    SSST pacing: 16/min – ended up at 17/min = 170 at the buzzer… started out slow pausing at the top for first 5 mins then picked up the pace. Split was 80…. gonna have a blister in the middle of my palm… grrrr

    No Matt, No DC, but I had D!!! Great job Ben and D!!!

  2. L1:

    PS: 95/115/125/130/130

    FS: 135/155/160 X 5 X 3

    Great work Nick & Cindy!!


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